Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Server Maintenance 

Regular maintenance of servers is necessary to ensure all digital data processes keep working 24/7 without any issue. A comprehensive preventative maintenance plan should be in place to avoid any emergency situation like servers not working or crashing. There are many physical and hardware things that must be maintained in good condition if you want your servers to work without any problem. The room where servers are stored should have proper ventilation and air conditioning. This type of mission critical infrastructure requires continuous monitoring. Standby power systems like UPS and generator are standard in all companies that have their own servers. Occasional air conditioning service and maintenance are needed to keep the cooling system in good condition. These preventative measures help protect servers.

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Backup Power Supply

A UPS backup power supply system is necessary for the servers. It ensures uninterrupted functioning of the servers even when the local utility power supply fails. At many places, a large sophisticated UPS is used to rectify the main electricity. The purpose is to make the electricity smooth and spike free. This type of rectified and stabilised power supply extends the life of IT equipment. Damages caused by voltage spikes and other power issues are avoided. A fuel powered generator may also be needed if there are occasional long hours of power cut in the area.

Ensure Proper Air Circulation in the Server Room

The servers are sensitive to temperature changes. Higher temperature can cause servers to crash. Right interior temperature should be maintained in the room where the servers are placed. The temperature should be monitored continuously and any fluctuation in it should be avoided. All sensitive IT equipment including the servers perform better, last longer and require less maintenance when stored in temperature controlled rooms. This room is also designed to prevent dust and debris entering the IT equipment. The server area should be ergonomically designed. Maintenance staff should be able to access all servers and related components quickly without any problem. Servers should be stored only on the racks specially designed for them. Efficient cabling is needed to avoid tangled wires.

High temperature in the server room can cause failure of other equipment as well. It is necessary to install a reliable temperature monitoring system. Only a cooling system that can keep the room temperature at the right level and requires less maintenance should be used. Liquid cooling system can be used to cool the servers. Uninterrupted operation of servers is possible when proper ventilation, cooling and air flow are maintained.